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We have just added a great new service of “High Quality Photo Scanning”. So gather all those thousands of precious family photos you’ve accumulated over the years. Capturing all those unforgettable moments of your family growing up. Let me help you organize all those photos and get them in to a digital format.

We have been doing video photo montages for our customers for years. We offer many different services here at “Document It” On Video. Without a doubt, our greatest is our photo montage. We get calls and letters from very happy customers on a regular basis after they’ve viewed their totally custom montage.

Memorial videos honor a loved one with a beautiful, moving memorial tribute video. This video can also promote healing for those that are suffering from loss. In essence, it’s a celebration of a life!

We often produce these Memorial Videos to play during visitation, funeral or memorial services. Having a memorial video playing at a funeral or memorial service is a tremendous reminder of the life of the deceased. These videos are not sad at all, in fact they are very uplifting as they really do celebrate the life of a loved one.

Combining photographs of the loved one with family and friends, along with soothing music, we produce a touching video that will bring a smile and good feeling to everyone watching. (Click here)

It’s time to put all those old videos to DVD. Most families have years worth of videos stored away. Those old videotapes are slowly deteriorating. It’s best to transfer them onto DVD as soon as possible. VHS to DVD. 8mm video to DVD. We can convert VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8 and mini digital videotapes to DVD.