Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes we can transfer/convert your old videotapes to DVDs. We can convert most all consumer videotape formats to DVDs.
Such as: VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm video, Hi8, Digital8, Mini Digital Videotapes & Beta.

Watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWcRvwwfWT0

Two hours and four minutes of video will fit on one DVD.
Yes we can transfer your old tapes to any external hard drive or flash drive that you provide us. We can transfer your old videotapes to both a DVD and to your external hard drive!
The simple answer is no. The complete answer is yes, almost anything is possible if you are an advanced computer user, but for many reasons it is not advised to do so. The main reason is that you would be working with highly compressed video. If you transfer the data from the DVD to the computer for editing, the quality is not the same as that of the originally uncompressed video used to create the DVD. It also takes a lot of processing power to edit the compressed video, and although you can fix this problem by converting it to a less compressed video format (such as AVI), you will still see a quality loss. Also when you re-render that video that has previously been on a DVD it will re-compress again and you will notice more than a little loss of detail.
Yes, we can combine multiple tapes onto one DVD and there is no difference in price for this service. You are still charged by tape. However we don’t usually recommend this practice for a few reasons. Remember that: a maximum of 2 hours will fit on one DVD, so if your tapes average one hour or more it would not be possible to combine. Also, if you don’t know the exact timeline of your tapes, it is best not to combine tapes because it gets confusing when the material on one DVD skips around in years.
No problem. We can transfer your videos onto external hard drives that allow for editing.
Yes we can get 10 videotapes converted to DVD’s in 1-3 days! We don’t send your videotapes out to who know’s where!?! They tell you that you’ll get them back in 3-4 weeks! Do you really want to wait 3-4 weeks in hopes of getting your precious videotapes back and converted to a DVD you can watch. You drop off your videotapes, audio cassettes, photos, slides and whatever other kind of media you may have and I will get it converted in to a digital format right here where you dropped it off. I will be the only one who handles your stuff from beginning to end. So gives us a call!
Yes we can transfer your audio tapes to CD’s if they are the old audio cassette style.
We can transfer LP Albums,33s, 45s & 78s, and audio cassettes.
The short answer? Usability and preservation. After you digitize your media, you can easily load it into your computer, your iPod/MP3 player, use it in editing projects, etc. You also stop the continual degradation of your media.
So long as you are not trading, selling, or giving away a commercially produced media that you have purchased, you are allowed under the “Fair Use” provision in Section 107 of the US Copyright Law to make a copy for personal use.
Yes, you receive everything you left with us back when you pick up your order.
We guarantee that your DVD movie will work in your home DVD player or we will go to great lengths to make sure that you can play your DVD.
We will guarantee that the DVDs (data or movie) we sell will last for 100 years. If your DVD stops working before that time we will gladly re-transfer your data for you. **Data warranty excludes customer caused data loss such as scratches or damage to the disc itself. It is always wise to make a backup copy of your media to be stored in a separate location.
If you are considering converting your old media such as 8mm film, 35mm picture slides, VHS tapes, audio cassette tapes, etc, it is important to remember that these old analog formats do break down over time and detail is lost that cannot be recovered. If these old analog recordings are irreplaceable, it would be wise to consider converting them to a digital format so that they can be preserved forever. Once a recording is digitized, it can be copied and distributed indefinitely without ever losing any quality.