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Unlocking a Treasure Trove of Lost Memories

VHS tapes contain decades worth of family moments, classic movies and unforgettable events. Unfortunately though, their magnetic tape composition makes them vulnerable to degradation over time — with each passing year potentially bringing you closer to permanent loss. That’s why we offer our VHS conversion service: transforming your precious tapes into digital formats that can stand the test of time.

Why Choose Everything To Digital for Your VHS Conversion Needs?

Superior Quality Conversion:

We don’t skimp on quality. Using cutting-edge technology, we convert your VHS tapes into digital files or physical copies with the highest resolution possible.

Customizable Options:

Whether you want DVDs, Blu-rays or even just plain ol’ digital files for sharing online or storing in the cloud; everything is made-to-order so they cater to your specific needs.

Preservation and Enhancement:

Conversion isn’t all we do either — if you want it, we go above and beyond with optional extras like color correction and audio improvement to make sure what you get back looks like it was shot yesterday.

Secure Handling:

You can trust us with your irreplaceable memories. Each tape is handled with care by experienced technicians who know how much they mean to you.

The Process: Easy-Peasy yet Mindful

We’ve set up our VHS conversion process so that it’s easy for you while still being mindful about preserving your memories’ quality from start to finish. Here’s how it works:

Send Us Your Tapes:

Package up your VHS tapes nice and snug. We accept shipments from all over, so even if you’re reading this in a different country, we’ve got you covered.

Let Us Work Our Magic:

Our talented technicians will mindfully convert each tape to ensure the highest quality and longest lifespan possible for every video. If it’s worth doing; it’s worth doing right.

A Digital Legacy for Future Generations

Converting your VHS tapes doesn’t only help you relive the past, it also helps you build for the future. As you well know, digital formats are easy to copy and share with friends and family — ensuring that they’ll be around long after we’re gone too. So let these outdated relics serve as an investment in the stories, faces and memories that have shaped your heritage.

That sounds bittersweet but… it’s just sweet!

Let’s Get Started!

Don’t let your memories fade away in the attic or basement. Transform them into lasting digital formats with EverythingToDigital’s VHS conversion services. It’s time to revive your memories and secure them for the digital future.

Revive Your Memories: Expert VHS Conversion Services at Everything To Digital

In an era dominated by electronic images, there’s something about holding a physical object—a cassette tape—that makes memories feel more real. But as technology continues its relentless march forward, those same tapes can feel like anchors, weighing us down in nostalgia while we thirst for progress. Here at Everything To Digital though? Our expert VHS conversion services guarantee that your cherished memories won’t just survive—you’ll be able to share them on TikTok if that’s what you want.

Unlocking a Treasure Trove of Lost Memories

It’s hard to count just how many hours of family moments, classic movies and unforgettable events live inside those old plastic cases; but their magnetic tape construction is famously susceptible to time—each year posing more risk than the last. That’s why we offer our VHS conversion service: to transform those old reels into files that can stand the test of time.

Why Choose Everything To Digital for Your VHS Conversion Needs?

Superior Quality Conversion:

Trust us, your videos will look better than they did when they were shot. Using brand new technology, we’ll convert any image found on a magnetic tape into digital with the highest resolution possible.

Customizable Options:

Not every customer has a DVD player anymore. So if you’d rather have a Blu-ray or an MP4 file to share online and store in the cloud—it’s your call; we’ll make it happen.

Preservation and Enhancement:

If you want it bad enough, we can do it. And by “it” we mean color correct and fix up whatever you hand us so that even the oldest footage looks like it was filmed yesterday.

Secure Handling:

We’re not just saying this—we are genuinely more careful with your tapes than anyone else would be. Our technicians are experienced and know what each cassette means to you; so they treat them accordingly.

The Process: Easy-Peasy yet Mindful

We don’t bury you in unnecessary steps; but don’t mistake simplicity for carelessness either. We designed our VHS conversion process to be easy for you while still preserving and enhancing your memories’ quality from start to finish. Here’s how it works:

Send Us Your Tapes:

Mail us those ol’ things however you want—just make sure they get here in one piece. Whether you’re reading this in New York or on a beach in Bali; once received, we take the rest off your hands.

Let Us Work Our Magic:

Our techs are artists too—they just use screws instead of paintbrushes (and also operate with much steadier hands). They’ll carefully pry open each cassette and extract its contents, converting them with loving care before reassembling everything back into working order.

A Digital Legacy for Future Generations

The longer your videos are in digital format, the more likely they are to be seen by future generations. That’s just a fact. So forget about upgrading your data storage and focus on upgrading the emotions inside these clips. After all—we can’t guarantee that your great-grandchildren will understand how to load up a VHS tape; but we can guarantee that once uploaded, those same grandkids won’t have an excuse not to watch what you’ve left behind.

That sounds bittersweet but… it’s just sweet!

Let’s Get Started!

Don’t let your memories fade away in the attic or basement. Transform them into lasting digital formats with Everything To Digital’s VHS conversion services. It’s time to revive your memories and secure them for the digital future.

VHS tapes, those magnetic wonders encased in plastic, are like treasure chests from the past. They hold a vast number of priceless moments, an endless assortment of joys and celebrations. The first step of a young child, the cackling of family members gathering together in one spot; that sort of thing. With each passing year however these magnificent time capsules face more and more threats. Physical degradation from wear and tear, straight-up destruction from environmental factors, or exposure to rain, for example, can damage tapes. However, the most daunting threat is obsolescence, as hardly anyone uses VHS players anymore! But not to worry! Everything To Digital is here to save the day! We’ll handle your stuff with care and convert it all into digital files for safe keeping!

All-In-One VHS Conversions

We understand the emotional weight tied to a tape full of memories. Our comprehensive conversion services cover everything — we ensure a smooth transition from analog for you when the time comes.

Top-Tier Conversion Techniques

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures not only that there’s no loss in quality during this process, but that things may even come out better than before! The quality of your original content doesn’t matter; we have fine-tuned our process to ensure every picture sounds good. You won’t find better digitalization anywhere else!

Customizable Digital Formats

Everyone has different needs when it comes to personal file management. That’s why we provide DVDs and Blu-rays for easy playback on any TV, and digital files for everlasting memories you can effortlessly share across any platform or device. Don’t worry about picking though; our team has years of expertise and will best guide you as they help you make a decision.

Enhancement and Restoration Services

Just because we’re taking what’s old and making it new doesn’t mean we can’t make it better than original! Enhancements like color correction and noise reduction will brighten up any old photo or soundbite — you’ll swear that we went back in time to retake some of these pictures!

Secure and Personalized Care

We know how much this all means to you. From the moment your tapes arrive at our facility until they arrive back at your doorstep with their new digital copies, we treat them with as much respect as you do. We aim to keep you informed at every step of the conversion process! By involving you and updating you on the progress, we hope to ease your mind about your most cherished memories.

The Process: Saving Your Memories One Step at a Time

Our method might be old school but that doesn’t mean it isn’t efficient! Here’s how we turn what was once a physical memory into a digital keepsake:

Consultation: During this first step it’s important for us to understand exactly what you need from us. Number of tapes? Preferred format? All that jazz.

Quality Assessment: Every tape goes through this step so we can best determine which conversion route is right for yours. Some are just beyond saving, but most aren’t!

Conversion Process: This is where analog officially becomes digital! Our advanced tech takes each tape’s contents and transfers them into the file format of your choosing!

Enhancement and Editing: If desired enhancements are available before editing becomes an option. These services include things like removing unwanted parts as well as adding titles or music.

Final review and approval

We always make sure to get your approval before finalizing your order. We offer you a preview of the final product so that you can see if it is up to your standards. This also helps us make sure that our work captures all the memories that mean the most to you.

Delivering Your Digital Memories

Once you’ve given us the green light, we’ll prepare your new digital memories for delivery — along with your original tapes. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that everything gets safely packaged and delivered back to you.

Creating a Legacy

The value of converting VHS tapes into digital formats isn’t just about preserving them. It’s about creating a legacy. Sharing these precious moments from generations past has never been easier than it is now, thanks to technology. Once converted to digital form, an infinite number of people can simultaneously watch the same video through social media or other internet channels. You can also add them to digital family trees or include them in other content forms that future generations will access.

Start Your Journey to Preservation with Everything To Digital

Converting analog tapes into digital files is an important process that everyone should consider going through eventually. Our team at Everything To Digital is here for you every step of the way! Trust us when we say that as dedicated professionals, we will treat every tape we touch with the utmost care, respecting the memories they hold.

A Profound Task

Transforming recordings from being analog to digital may sound like nothing more than running some old audio visual equipment cords into a laptop or desktop computer, but it’s much deeper than just that – especially when those recordings encapsulate such amazing stories and memories like yours do!

Technical Excellence & Innovation

We strive to deliver the highest quality conversions possible, which requires state-of-the-art equipment and techniques on top of an excellent team comprised of experts in this field.


We know for a fact that no two memories are ever the same, and that is why we personalize every step of our service. From selecting the right file format to adding your desired chapters, titles, music and so forth. We want your digital copy to be just as special as the original memory was.

When it comes to privacy and security we don’t play around with your tapes or their files at all. Each stage of our conversion process is monitored and secured so that no unauthorized individuals have access to them.

Let’s journey together as we explore the mysterious process of transferring a memory trapped in a VHS tape into the far more resilient and shareable digital format.

The first step is to take that VHS out of its box, dust it off, and give it a good look. Assessing it one last time before shoving it into a machine makes sure we’re fully aware of what we’re dealing with before we dive in.

Some tapes require a little bit of love before they’re ready to be transferred over. Age can wear them out, and even damage can make memories hard to convert. Regardless, our team will clean them up nice and neat so your videos don’t lose any quality along the way.

Next, we will convert each tape by hand gently to ensure we don’t damage your fragile films during the process. We have set up our equipment specifically to make copies without losing quality.

After converting all of these videos into digital format comes the editing phase. At EverythingToDigital, we ensure no file is overlooked. Our checklist includes trimming, enhancing audio/video, and adding titles or chapters. We transform your footage into something worth rewatching.

Once everything looks good on our end, we send every file through another quality check. This way, you can rest easy, knowing you won’t accidentally delete your sister’s graduation video when trying to free up storage space later on. Finally packaged securely alongside their original tapes, Your digitized memories are delivered right back into your hands along with their physical forms. That way you can show your children how truly ancient technology was back then!

Now onto sharing and celebrating:

Flipping through old photographs or watching home videos with family offers a unique joy. But, with COVID-19 keeping us indoors and glued to our screens, why not embrace sharing these memories digitally? You can easily pass these files around to friends and family, and uploading them onto some cloud storage is a great way to safely back them up. Plus, future generations will thank you when they need to find an embarrassing childhood video to show their prom date.

The Forever Impact Of  Preserving Memories

The work we do at Everything To Digital is far from simple file shuffling. Our mission is to preserve the stories and experiences that make up your history. When you convert old photos or videos into a shareable format, they illuminate the past for future generations… and might even inspire some Tik Toks along the way.

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