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You know how quickly technology is evolving nowadays — and how fast you can lose precious memories if you don’t act now. With Everything to , we offer video tape transfer services that will keep your moments safe forever.

Why Should You Convert Videos to DVD?

Longevity: Videotapes tend to degrade over time and won’t last as long as DVDs do.

Convenience: Play DVDs on different devices without any issues or extra steps.

Quality: Get improved audio, video and menus for easier navigation through chapters.

Save Space: Declutter your space by getting rid of bulky videotapes.

How Does Our Conversion Work?

Visit or Mail It In: Bring in your tapes or ship them safely to our store. Expert Conversion: We use top-of-the-line equipment that converts all videos efficiently while preserving their original quality. Customization Options: Create unique menus, chapters and labels for every DVD we make so they’re special to you. Quality Check: Keep every DVD that comes out of our shop in pristine condition with thorough inspections before sending them back to you. Return Safe & Sound: After everything’s said and done, we’ll mail back your tapes along with the newly made DVDs. 

Why Trust Everything to Digital?

Experience: Our years of experience say it all — you’ll get top-notch service from start to finish when working with us. Insane Quality Control Measures : No one else makes sure each tape is kept safe like we do — our team works diligently around the clock. Privacy: We respect your privacy completely. Any information or content shared with our company will stay confidential. Customer Satisfaction: Thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong. With us, you’ll feel at ease throughout the entire conversion process.

We can help you keep them

No one wants to think about it, but time flows like a river and stops for no one. Your most treasured moments are just a collection of old videos that could be gone forever if they’re not transferred soon. We here at Everything to Digital understand how important this is, so we urge you to come in now before it’s too late.

Why Should You Digitize Old Home Videos?

Videotapes were amazing when they first came out — but now they’re terrible! Not only do tapes degrade over the years, but they also run the risk of getting moldy or damaged by physical means. Stop holding onto these outdated formats and convert them into DVDs today! They’re built tough and will last decades longer than their tape counterparts!

What Can We Convert?

Everything to specializes in transferring all kinds of formats to DVDs: VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV and more. As long as we have the tech for it (we most likely do), then your footage will be fine!

The Process: Step-by-Step

Consultation: Our specialists will chat with you about your needs and walk you through the process. Drop-off or Ship: You can either bring your tapes to our shop or send them to us using our secure shipping options.

Conversion: We convert your tapes to DVDs using professional equipment.

Customization: Add personalized menus, chapters, and labels to make your DVDs unique. Quality Check: Every DVD is screened for playback issues so it’s perfect when it gets to you. Delivery: Your DVDs and original tapes will be sent back to you, ready for countless viewings.  Why Trust Everything to Digital? Expertise: With years of experience in digital conversion, we know exactly how to handle your precious memories. Technology: Our advanced gear ensures that the quality of your conversions is top-notch. Customer Service: We’ll be here every step of the way if you have any questions or concerns. Security: Your memories are important. That’s why we take extra precautions when handling and storing them. 

Reliving Your Memories

Once converted, the possibilities for enjoying your videos are endless. Pop in a DVD to watch on TV or computer screens. Give one as a gift so others can enjoy treasured moments. Or simplify browsing by adding custom menus and chapters! 

The Emotional Value of Preserving Memories

In an age where digital media dominates, physical videotapes are often written off as outdated junk. However, they’re much more than that — they hold bits of nostalgia containing family laughter, baby steps and joyous celebrations. Our conversion isn’t just about digitizing; it’s about honoring these significant emotional moments in time. 

Beyond Conversion: The Benefits of Digitization

Preservation isn’t the only benefit of converting videos: Sharing Made Easy: It’s simple to copy DVDs and pass them around so everyone can relive special days. Organization made easy: Tapes take up space but DVDs don’t! Label each disc with its contents to find what you’re looking for in seconds. Editing Opportunities: Once your videos are digitized, you can choose to splice them up and make changes like adding a soundtrack or splicing together highlights. 

The Technical Side of Conversion

Everything we use is professional-grade. Here’s how it works:

Cleaning and Inspection: Before anything, we clean your tapes and look for damage that could ruin the process.

Digitization: With capture devices, we transfer your tapes into a digital format.

Authoring: We create custom menus and chapters based on your preference.

Burning: The digital files are burned onto high-quality DVDs so they’re clear and compatible with any device.

Verification: Each DVD is checked for quality issues to ensure every memory is preserved as best as possible. 

Preserving More Than Just Videos

At Everything to Digital, we understand that your cherished memories take on various forms. We convert more than just video tapes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save your: Film Reels: Our team can breathe new life into your old footage by converting 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film reels into DVD format. Photographs & Slides: Keep your precious printed photos safe by converting them into digital files.

We offer a number of other customization options as well:

Custom Menus: Personalize menus so you can easily navigate through years of material. Chapter Points: Find specific clips with ease by adding chapters to DVDs. DVD Covers & Labels: Customize the design of covers for added sentimentality or give it as a gift to someone special in your life. 

What sets us apart

Our commitment to quality, security and customer satisfaction is what makes us different from our competitors. Our work is clean, precise, and exceeds industry standards.Thanks to this commitment we’ve been able to turn many one-time customers into longtime ones

Caring For Your Legacy

After all of your hard work and dedication towards preserving these memories, it’s only right that you maintain them properly too. Here are some tips for caring for your DVDs: Store in a Cool Dry Place: Sunlight and moisture can ruin disks very quickly Handle With Cleanness : Fingerprints and scratches not only smudge the disk but also make playback difficult or impossible Use Quality DVD Players : Sticking a scratched up disk in an older DVD player will surely lead to issues

Conclusion: These Memories Are Priceless 

Don’t miss the chance to preserve more than just memories; preserve the past for future generations. There’s no doubt that turning VHS tapes into DVDs saves space but keeping things small isn’t the point here- it’s about preserving your past. Converting videos is not just a preservation effort; it’s an opportunity to create timeless gifts. What better way to show you care than by giving someone you love a record of their existence? Sometimes, it’s not just what you see but what you hear. The laughter at a joke, the bass in your chest from a concert, a loved one’s voice — these are the powerful moments that bring your memories to life. Our conversion process retains audio fidelity so that you can hear the sounds of your past and enjoy them all over again.

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