Let’s Talk About How To Format Your YouTube Videos


You Need To Format Your Videos For YouTube Upload

Let’s talk about your YouTube videos. Right now the busiest part of my business is transferring customer’s old videotapes to DVDs. But lately I have been getting quite a few calls from these customers asking way they can’t upload these DVD videos to YouTube.

So if you plan on dropping your videos off with me and you think you might want to upload one or more of these videos to YouTube let me know and I can format those particular videos to YouTube’s specifications.

I can also help you edit your videos if you don’t want to upload the whole video to YouTube.

You also need a YouTube channel in order to upload your videos. YouTube channels don’t cost you anything and it’s pretty easy to sign-up. But if you don’t feel comfortable doing the sign-up and uploads yourself I can help you with this.

So come on and jump on the YouTube bandwagon. You can use YouTube to upload all kinds of your videos for all kinds of reasons.

  • show your new born baby to relatives around the world
  • your wedding video
  • your kids graduation ceremony
  • sports videos for college scholarship possibilities
  • your vacation videos while still on vacation

Small Business Owners

If you are the owner of a small business you must take advantage of using YouTube to upload different videos pertaining to your business. Once your videos are on YouTube you can embed those videos in your business website. YouTube videos will also draw Google’s attention which will help your site’s search engines rankings. (SEO)

Format YouTube Videos

I hope this will help you understand why you cannot upload a DVD to YouTube and that a simple re-format of the video to YouTube specifications will get your videos up on YouTube for the world to see.

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